About Me

A Graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts, India Alessandra is an emerging storyteller, with experience in content creation, copywriting and playwriting. She aims to create engaging and fresh content for the in the mediums of television, theatre, film and the world wide web.

India explores transmedial storytelling in her work, combining different mediums such as film, social media and live performance to create immersive content and experiences. Ultimately because “people won’t look up from their fucking phones.”

By day, India works as a freelance copywriter and content creator, and by night she moonlights as an emerging playwright and screenwriter as well as going out of her way to prove that cats are “naturally drawn” to her.

In November 2019, India undertook a writers residency at Arquetopia in Oaxaca, Mexico.

India is currently undertaking a playwright residency with TheatreWorks through their SheWrites program.


Samples of Screen, Prose and Theatre works

Prose Sample

A creative response to the work of ‘Where’s Walter‘ by textile artist Sophie J Williams

Content & Marketing Samples

The Future of Flexible Pavements – Infrastructure magazine

Accelerating the Uptake of EVs – Energy Magazine

Power Purchase Agreements: Revolutionising Energy Retail – Energy Magazine

The Biggest Fans of Wind Energy – Energy Magazine

REC Group partners with Global Solar Technology Distributor – REC Group & Energy Magazine

Essay Sample

VCA Archive: Menstruation as inspiration – VCA Archive

Short Film Sample

An adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s classic ‘The Loved One’.

TV Sample

Sample of original T.V. pilot ‘STRIKE OUT’. Set in the country town of Magpie, life is turned upside down for Sydney-sider Louise Gilbert when she buys a highly sought after piece of land, upsetting three of the biggest farming families.