My recent love affair with Goodreads

I have recently found myself infatuated with social networking site Goodreads. I think of it as a Facebook for intellectuals, but in actual fact it’s just another platform to brag on. And that’s exactly why I love it. An any opportunity to show off how cultured you are is one worth taking. On Goodreads I can update my page count and provide thoughts on the current book I’m devouring. Something no one gives a rat’s behind about on Instagram, and my God, if you are still using it Facebook. Which is exactly what makes Goodreads so delicious. It is solely about the books. Better not be posting about your holiday Greece or new engagement. Goodreads is simply too cultured for that, too smart. You better live up to it’s good name otherwise you’ll be outed as a fraud. So I make sure to keep up appearances and lay low as the common book nerd does.

“Not too sure about this Helvetica” I’ll post hilariously to my two friends/followers (still working out the difference between the two). No one replies of course. Occasionally I’ll receive a juicy like when I add something worthy to my ‘to-read list’, but that is once in an aquamarine moon.

Goodreads does nothing if not humble me. I’m so aware that there are hundreds of thousands of books that I should have read, but haven’t. And probably never will get round to. There are people (readers? GRS? Book bros?) who are absolutely tearing through a diverse range of books quicker than you can say Ulysses. They are then leaving the most thoughtful and eloquent reviews for each individual title, which are probably more poetic and philosophical than the last book you actually read. And I feel honoured to be among them. I will continue to pretend like I know who Jeanette Winterson is and Google that character from To Kill a Mockingbird*, because God damn it! I finally feel a part of something special.

So, take a peep at my reviews and prepared to be mildly amused (I hope). Cheeky secret, I have reviewed two books I ‘technically’ haven’t read.I had to write reviews for work so thought I’d take a stab at reviewing something at a first glance – I’m crazy like that. Please try and guess which ones…Oh and follow me on Goodreads!!!! (@india_alessandra)

P.S this was not sponsored (obviously), but @Goodreads happy to chat if you are interested X

*Yes, I am part of the 1% who did NOT read or study To Kill a Mockingbird in high school. To think my parents paid all that money to send me to a private school, and yet I remain an uncultured swine.

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