Introducing Intimacy Issues

India and Ivana have intimacy issues.

They don’t know what they want from relationships (or if they want relationships at all). They’d both been journaling in silence about this for years, but when they compared notes, they realised how much they had in common.

This show is an autobiographical theatre piece made up of verbatim excerpts of their diary entries, navigating their often contradictory and fickle relationships to sex and romance. Organising the show into three confessional sections – UNCERTAINTY, NEED, and POWER – the pair delve into desire, sexuality, guilt, shame, fear, social media, gender, identity, bodies, honesty, and love.

Written and performed by India Alessandra & Ivana Brehas

Showing at The Butterfly Club

Monday 12 August 20197:00pm
Wednesday 14 August 20197:00pm
Thursday 15 August 20197:00pm
Saturday 17 August 20197:00pm

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