Intimacy Issues in review

From August 12th to 17th, Ivana and I poured our hearts out on stage while we performed Intimacy Issues. It was a gamble performing on opening night, no one but the tech operator had seen the show. The words were no longer for us, they were exposed to the audience and to criticism/critique/analysis/discussion.

But the audience were more than forgiving, it feeling like less of a performance and more an exchange.

I was surprised by the audience’s reactions to the work. Expressing when I spoke of deep insecurities of being along was met with laughter – not malicious, but still surprising.

An hour of me expressing my problems and insecurities somehow resonated with audiences from all different ethnicities, ages, sexualities, and background.

It feels so frightening yet reassuring that my personal insecurities are universal.

Josephine Alexandra wrote a response to the show which was featured on Verve Zine.

The piece can be found here.

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